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Boat Repair Services

From Dinghies to Yachts and Motor Cruisers

If you have a smaller boat on a trailer, (under approx 21 foot) we can book this into the workshop for you. This is ideal for racing dinghy repairs and repaints.

If you have a larger boat at a marina, eg yacht or motor cruiser, we can offer a mobile service where we visit the boat.  Usually this would be in the yard on the hard-standing, occasionally it can be whilst still afloat on a pontoon if the repair is possible in this situation.

Structural GRP repairs

Because accidents do happen!

  • Impact damage – holes in the hull or deck repaired back to original strength
  • Grounding damage – we can drop keels and work with the marina to chock the hull properly before rebuilding damaged stiffeners, and repairing the bottom of the boat, then finally Keel bedding and refitting

Gel Coat Colour Matching
& Finishing

All colours of gelcoat, even ‘white’, fade and change over the years with UV degradation.  And unless your boat is fairly new, chances are the builders have gone out of business so you cannot find the original gel coat colour code anyway!

Fortunately, with over 20 years experience, we can match any colour and get rid of those scrapes and scratches so that no one would know they had ever been there.

Racing Dinghy Repairs
including advanced composites

Having been brought up in a dinghy racing environment, Jo is very familiar with many classes of dinghies.  Having completed a 3 year HND qualification she is also very knowledgeable about the more advanced composites such as Carbon, Kevlar, foam sandwich, epoxies, etc.

As well as wooden or grp hull repairs, painting and varnishing, we can pressure test your hull to find leaks, repair your carbon mast etc.

If you have a flying fifteen, we can suspend the boat and fair and spray your keel in situ - avoiding the need for costly removal of the keel.  (Although we can remove the keel if this is necessary for a full overhaul!)

Hull Gel Coat Stripping using Gel Plane

If you require osmosis blisters repairing these must first be removed.  The most efficient way to achieve this is to have your hull ‘peeled’ with a Gel Plane.  This machine removes the top surface of the fibreglass, namely the gelcoat, and leaves a fair surface behind.  The laminate can then be washed and dried before it is epoxy coated to provide a new water tight barrier.

We have peeled several boats over the years, and some have elected to have Copper Coat multi season antifouling applied.

Traditional Antifouling & Copper Coat Multi Season Antifouling Application

We can prepare and apply a range of traditional antifoulings to yachts and powercraft.

You may have heard of Copper Coat  – the revolutionary epoxy based antifouling product which can offer protection for over ten years.  Over ten years of not having to scrabble about underneath, scraping and sanding and antifouling your hull!

We can prepare and apply copper coat to your hull, please contact us for a quote.


If you have a wooden dinghy, the workshop is set up ready for repairs to plywood, clinker, carvel, double diagonal etc constructions.

Re-decking of racing dinghies if your ply deck has got tired, we can usually match grain/colour of existing timber if only a partial re-deck is required.

Yachts and Cruisers – Replacement laid teak decking, we can template and manufacture at the workshop, then remove the existing and fit new at a marina/boatyard.

We can also repair or replace Teak rubbing strakes and Toerails found on yachts such as Westerleys.

Interior joinery: as well as repairs, we can remove/alter/redesign cabinets sympathetically to fit in new technology.  For example, we have done this in yacht heads when fitting a holding tank inside an existing locker, and had to box in vents.  All looked as if it had been there from the original build.

Mobile Service at Marinas & Boatyards

For larger craft, we offer this service to visit the boat and repair on site.  Usually in the boat yard on the hard standing, however some repairs (eg gelcoat ) can be effected whilst the boat is moored on a pontoon avoiding the costly lifting fee.  We must have pedestrian access to the boat - no repairs on swinging moorings for example!

Fully insured with Public Liability insurance, which is required by all good marinas.

The Boat Repair Centre



The Boat Repair Centre